ARTWORK 2009 - 2013



Video is projected into three Renaissance-like frames. One actor is used to portray Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary of various racial configurations.  With this piece I am interested in the idea of “purity” and how people are questioning its relationship to whiteness and the white body. 
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Video of a silhouetted figure is projected on the floor inside of a tire. Water washes over the image that only briefly goes away but then comes back again. Sound and music from a celebration in Jamaica are in the background.
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Video of my niece posing for the camera dressed as Snow White and slowly applying make up.  The video is projected into the frame of a mirror and a platform with a chair is set up in front to invite users to experience the piece as if they were looking into a mirror.
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Video of clouds from Jamaica, NYC and Utica are projected onto the windows and floor of the space. Every now and then a shadow of a bird is seen flying from the projection of the floor to the window and then back to the floor.
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