"Eyes" is an interactive video installation requiring a small diamond shaped room with walls to project on.

The piece is set up with enough space for one person to walk from a distance of around 6’ feet away to the left and right of the projected image. As a person positions themselves to the left of the projection the background which is a large image of peoples eyes scrolls slowly away from the viewer. The video of my eyes is presented on a large scale in front of the background image.

The piece makes use of the I-Cube System’s FAR REACH Sensor to ultrasonically sense distances and positions of people within the space.

Through "Eyes" I am interested in the feedback-loop of perception within interactive works that David Rokeby speaks of. His view of interactive work as a mirror by which we communicate with ourselves, gives us a sense of self through the feedback it provides and a sense of the relation between this self and the experienced world. The structure is completely open. The users move in any direction they wish as they trigger the scrolling of the image’s background in either direction.