JAMAICAN ART DISTINCTIONS - research undertaken on trips to my home country of Jamaica W.I. the research paper, entitled “Jamaican Art Distinctions,” was the culmination of a course I took on visual culture in Jamaica during the Summer of 2006. This course allowed me to look more closely at constructed categories within the art world and how those constructions work to control the production, distribution and presentation of works of art on the island and abroad.

IDENTITY, MULTIPLICITY & INTERACTIVITY - exploring issues related to identity, I first examine ideas on its social and political construction. I also explore the influences of the politics of identity and difference on the concept of identity and the re-theorizing of subjectivity by postmodern theorists. I am interested in how theorists identifying with the group identities of class, gender and 'race' have been calling for a rejection of the essentialist identities of the past and have been re-theorizing their politics through a politics of difference. In conclusion, I relate the dialogical nature of identity to interactivity.